The RoboCup Asia-Pacific 2020 (RCAP2020) competition leagues are as follows:

RoboCup Major Leagues:

  • RoboCupSoccer Humanoid (Kid)
  • RoboCupSoccer Standard Platform
  • RoboCupSoccer Middle Size
  • RoboCupSoccer Small Size
  • RoboCupSoccer Simulation (2D)
  • RoboCupRescue Simulation (Agent)
  • RoboCup@Home Open Platform
  • RoboCupIndustrial RoboCup@Work
  • RoboCupIndustrial RoboCupLogistics

RoboCup Junior Leagues:

  • RCJ Soccer Lightweight (Primary & Secondary)
  • RCJ Soccer Open
  • RCJ Rescue Line (Primary & Secondary)
  • RCJ Rescue Maze
  • RCJ Rescue Simulation (Primary & Secondary)
  • RCJ OnStage (Preliminary Primary & Secondary, Advanced)

RoboCup Asia-Pacific (RCAP) Challenges:

  • RCAP Flying Robot Challenge
  • RCAP CoSpace GrandPrix Challenge (U12, U19)
  • RCAP CoSpace Rescue Challenge (U12, U19)

Satellite Event:

  • @Home Simulation

Age Restrictions for Junior Leagues

The minimum age for Junior teams is 7 years old. Participants aged 20 years old and above will not be allowed to take part in the Junior Leagues.

RCJ Primary category age limit is below 13 years old.
RCJ Secondary category age limit is 13 years old and above.

U12 refers to 12 years old and below.
U19 refers to 19 years old and below.

*Age is counted as of July 1, 2020


All teams (including RC Junior teams) are required to pre-register through the online form:

Pre-Registration Form

All teams are required to upload a Team Description Paper (TDP) during the pre-registration.
*Format of TDP can be downloaded from here

Team Description Paper

Additional materials for some leagues may be required by the league technical committee after pre-registration.

Important Dates

  • 09 Mar. 2020 – Call for participation
  • 25 May. 2020 – Pre-registration Close
  • 23 Jun. 2020 – Qualification results announcement
  • 24 Jun. 2020 – Registration Open
  • 09 Jul. 2020 – Registration Close
  • 08-12 Oct. 2020 – RCAP2020

NOTE: No team registration will be accepted after 09 July 2020.

For inquiries, please contact us via the hereunder email addresses:

Registration Fees

RoboCup Major Leagues:

Registration fee is waived for selected invited teams.
(Only selected invited teams can participate in the Major Leagues.)

RoboCup Junior Leagues:

  • Team – USD160
  • Participant – USD160

Registration fee is waived for selected invited teams.